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ClearLight Media has 6 ways to get you in front of Comfortably-Off Seniors (and Retirees) as well as Pet Owners who have previously bought or responded to the same (or similar) products and services that you offer.

Clearlight Media is a specialist publisher and data owner focussing on the over 60s market.

Our main publications to date are:

GDPR Compliant Marketing Data

All have actually responded to Postal and Digital Promotions



Comfortably-Off Seniors (inc Retirees) and Pet Owners



We help you reach out to new customers and promote your business directly to a responsive, educated and wealthier audience in 6 ways:

Advertise on the Website

Our Place

Full page £100pm

Half page £50pm

Quarter page £25pm

My Pet Matters

Full page £200pm

Half page £100pm

Quarter page £50pm

Advertise in the online newsletters

Our Place

Full page – Coming Soon

Half page – Coming Soon

Quarter page – Coming Soon

My Pet Matters

Full page £200/issue

Half page £100/issue

Quarter page £50/issue

Appear with us on our Facebook Page

Our Place

£100 per post

My Pet Matters

£200 per post

Send hosted email promotions to targeted subscribers

Send solus emails directly to subscribers carrying only your message.

Our Place

Enquire to register your interest

My Pet Matters

£2500 per email to full 80,000 subscriber list

Rent a highly targeted postal mailing list for charity or commercial communications

Our Place

£110 per thousand records

My Pet Matters

£110 per thousand records

Send mail to comfortably-off and generous households

Our Generous and ‘Comfortably-Off’ households list has been built over the last 8 years.
It’s made up of households that have actually donated to charities or responded to offers from financial services and other commercial businesses.
It is a proven and reliable source of charity donors and purchasers of goods and services aimed at the ‘comfortably-Off and retired’.

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